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When You’re not Available, We Are.

Not only do we offer a wide range of services, we customize these services to best serve our clients’ unique needs. With 40 years experience under our belt, we aim to understand our clients’ unique challenges first, and then collaborate with them to find the very best solutions.

Whether you’re worried about missing out on new business leads, need to keep employees safe, or have a desire to cut down overhead costs, give us a call and we’ll help find the right solutions for your business.

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Around-the-Clock Phone Support with Our Inbound Call Centre

Teleconnect International provides reliable, 24/7, inbound call centre support to organizations of all sizes. Our Customer Service Experts are fully trained to understand your business. We take pride in answering all your calls accurately and efficiently. Recordings are so impersonal! Let our trained staff set the right tone for your future customer interactions.

Never miss an inbound call ever again. You may not be available to answer the phone, but we are. Just because you’ve closed for the day, it doesn’t mean you have to shut the door on potential sales. Our staff will screen your calls, take messages and relay all collected information to the appropriate parties.

Ensure Workplace Safety with Our Work Alone Services

As a responsible business owner, you’re responsible for identifying hazards and ensuring the proper measures are in place to guarantee the workplace safety of all your employees. No matter how remote the location, and regardless the time of day a shift begins, a safety program needs to be in place that complies with local legislation.

Protecting Employees with Work Alone Services

Teleconnect International is always prepared and ready to answer your calls 24/7/365. We can help you verify the comings and goings of your employees no matter the time of day. We’ll create a flexible security plan to accommodate your company’s specific needs with a check-in system employing cell, email, SMS and satellite technology. If an employee fails to check in, our procedures will escalate the situation, and all designated parties will be notified right away.

Using a telephone answering service is an economical safeguard for the protection of your staff as well as the integrity of your business.

Reception Services to Manage Your Overflow Inbound Calls

Your customers appreciate the welcoming presence a receptionist provides — likely just as much as you. If you find yourself without your trusted receptionist, due to illness, vacation or any other scenario, allow the qualified customer service representatives at Teleconnect International to fill in. Whether you require our reception services on a single day or for several months, Teleconnect International has the staff to manage all your inbound calls with a personal touch.

Reception Services for Any Business

Don’t stress your employees by having them fill in on the phone lines. One call is all it takes to get set up. We’ll greet customers, transfer calls, dispatch emergencies, take messages and relay all information in a timely manner. No matter how busy your phone lines get, our reception services have you covered. New business prospects don’t want to listen to a recording. Protect your reputation and appease your clientele with the courteous, efficient reception service Teleconnect International provides.

Hire a Professional Business Organizer to Book Your Appointments

Your customers lead busy lives and don’t want to wait. Don’t allow your reputation to be tarnished by missing out on opportunities to schedule appointments. Even the best business minds require a business organizer to help stay atop everyone’s hectic schedules. With the services of Teleconnect International, your company has a partner in arranging appointments, pick-ups, deliveries and more. Allow Teleconnect International to arrange your appointments and become your source for those crucial everyday reminders.

Arrive on Time

Appointments can be booked through a variety of methods:

  • Over the telephone
  • Through your own website
  • Via our online appointment scheduler

Have a Response Plan in Place for Any Emergency Call

It’s nice to know that you have someone representing your company in the event of a crisis. Unfortunately, emergency situations can occur at any time. When disaster strikes in the middle of the night and you can’t make it into the office, or you need to message everyone in the company over the course of a weekend, Teleconnect International will receive and make those calls on your behalf. With our 24/7 emergency call service, you can have peace of mind knowing your channels of communication are open and in capable hands.

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